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I would love to have your disruptions. My house is way too quiet since Alison left for college.I'm sad! My husband is a quiet person(mostly) and I need some noise.

Blue Opal

Be grateful for those Friday nights when you can't get a nap - despite the temporary frustration, all of you family is healthy and from the sounds of things, reasonably happy. I cannot think of a better recommendation.

Blue Opal

That's YOUR family... Yeesh, I gotta start typing with my eyes open for a change...


Where did you go? You've disappeared. I miss you. come back please.


The first rule of cohabitation is that if one person is awake, everyone is awake. If its not the first rule, it is certainly one of them. I don't think anyone does it on purpose but its amazing how silent everyone is EXCEPT when you want to sleep.

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