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Blue Opal

Ack - nothing like returning home to carefully-organized chaos thanks to your family, is there? My hubby had a bad habit of helping to "clean" things, including putting my mail away. Unimportant mail like unpaid bills, notices from the IRS, the PIN without which I can't do jack with my insurance, little things like that. I STILL haven't found the envelope with my PIN nor the one from the IRS (the latter of which I followed up by phone, just to be on the safe side.)


My Mom used to say the same thing.... that she could NEVER *leave* the house because we would always do something crazy while she was gone. (there were 6 of us kids) She used to always get mad at my dad, too if he did anything without her permission such as the dryer thing. He eventually just stopped. (although some of his behavior was passive aggressive) My mom controlled the house, except for when she went away and then.....


I totally understand. Keep your hands off my domain and all things within said domain. I would have shoved his foot massager up his butt massager!


NOBODY touches my office area. (It's been to my benefit to have the reputation of being a high-strung and slightly dangerous individual.)


You poor thing! That is always my fear in leaving that everything will fall apart. My husband doesn't think the same way I do about keeping up on laundry or cleaning, etc... I hate coming home to chaos. I wish we could have seen each other while you were in Seattle. Of course, I might have been gone to WI at the time. I have lots of trouble with those canisters at the bank too--but I doubt that I would run over one!

terri t.

Oh boy can I relate to this? Last year, my husband got mad because the TV upstairs (mine) went out so he brought his up and installed it for me and bought himself a brand new tv which cost waaaaaaay too much..... Irritated the heck out of me because I hated the TV he gave me. However, that tv's audio went out about 5 months later and I had to get a new TV which I also hate.....but they don't make 'em like they used to. I would be locking up your office space when you are gone. Get the kids a cheap computer to use and kept your own personal space for yourself.....


The stabbed-by-own-pocket-knife story is a classic.


Your last post was JUNE 29th???? Are you ok???? I miss yo!!! I hope all is well? Peace, Love, and Happiness. ~BoXX


Your last post was JUNE 29th???? Are you ok???? I miss yo!!! I hope all is well? Peace, Love, and Happiness. ~BoXX

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