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Blue Opal

Oh yeah. That's a charge. And probably a surcharge and a "bounced check machine" charge and an ATM charge. And God help him if it was B of A. Because by the time they get done charging him his KIDS will owe on the extra charges he accrued in this one little incident.


What a great post! I am sitting here laughing my head off!


I hope that bank isn't the one who holds his car loan. Because I am certain that spiffy little trophy is not paid for. (Unless it was borrowed or rented, in which case he'll have damage to account for...)


That was hysterical!


That is a priceless story! Very good piece of writing, as well, considering how out of practice you are! ahem! (just kidding) I could come up with some good stories about those tubes at the bank drive up windows, since I used to be a teller. I could probably do a whole post on them, but I'll share one of the best ones here. One day we heard a very loud pick up come tearing into the drive up lanes, and the cute (not) little rednecks in the truck were just acting as goofy as hell, sent the tube in and sped off! They had sent in a tampon in the tube.....and was....used, that is. Un-be-lieveable!!


Those are all great reasons to have a telelr available.Daily banking though is just easiest online for me since I don't use cash jars or envelopes and track everything through my debit card. I'm an electronic gal, I guess!If I have cash, there is no emotional attachment to it so its easier to spend. Jars wouldn't work for me! Plus all that change just gets lost in my purse.

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