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No matter how bad you THINK you are, there is always someone worse--and that someone would be ME. You are a VanGogh, Picasso, Matisse compared to me.

Blue Opal

I've got news for you. Your plate looks like some of the one-of-a-kind holy-crap-it's-expensive custom hoity-toity tableware I've seen at exclusive places.

So don't disparage your abilities. The fact that your plate doesn't look like your average decal? That's a GOOD thing! (By the way, I actually DO like it.)


It's not as bad as you think it is and with some instruction you could always improve your artistic skills. Everything takes practice and very few people can do something WELL without any practice. Don't give up. Process is sometimes MORE important than product.


Ummm. The colors are very pretty. You got the right number of eyes. Very bright!


"one of those paint your own pottery places" -- I have a niece who has a make your own food place -- mostly birthday parties for mostly pre-school thru early middle school girls -- where they learn how to fix the food they are then going to eat. She's had her franchise for a couple of years now and sort of likes it except the $$$ cash flow for the huge number of hours she puts in is rather low... especially now that the economy (or the constant scare headlines) has people cutting back on frills.

(Uh, yes, I am running quite a bit behind on my Internet reading...)


This made me smile. I always have these grand visions of the Art I will create, and somehow I can't make my hands do it. I love your plate :)

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