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I am not a big fan of candy but I do miss the Kinder Eggs and other German treats of childhood. One thing I can skip this year is the kids who secured Kinder Eggs and present them to me saying, "This is from Germany, have you ever seen it before?" proceeding to describe it to be as if they didn't just say, "this is from your country..."

Captain Poolie

So glad you didn't break your toe. I would have had to come over and dance for you whilst wearing my Easter bucket. It sounds a lot better than it probably would be. Trust me.

Blue Opal

I didn't have an Easter basket today, and since work was mandatory I didn't go to church either. It's the first time in a long time I've actually worked on an Easter Sunday!


I miss those Easter egg hunting days, but my 18 and 21 year old also get an Easter basket. (and a good dinner, although we're not ham people--roast and tofurky)I tend to put i-tunes cards, DVDs, gum and other non-chocolate stuff in there.

mzbee (BoXx)

Happy Easter to you. I love having a day off from work and spending time with my husband and two grown children the best of all. I requested NO candy as well, but just ONE little dark chocolate truffle couldn't hurt, could it?

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