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That sandwich looks delicious! I love Thanksgiving left overs too!


That sandwich is fantastic. My friend Stan forced one on me when I visited him in Pittsburgh. I thought I was going to dislike it but I could have easily eaten six or seven of them in one sitting, and a human baby.


Sounds like you get the award for having the most wonderful holiday weekend! Sounds lovely and SO perfect!!


what kind of sandwich did you eat? I had roast beef and cheddar. I hope you had two.

Suburban Island

I had sweet italian sausage and it was sweet indeed. One sandwich was enough. My husband assured me that I would be better off sharing one but I ignored him and was able to eat the whole sandwich by myself despite his dire warnings. I think he just wanted half.


That's not a sandwich! I don't know quite what it is (maybe a huge dinner-in-bread thingie) but it is way too much to be called just a humble sandwich.


It is indeed a good sandwich. I remember that glorious day, when I met my beloved Spritopias for a tryst at Primanti Bros. It was 90+ degrees out, hot, he was late... and showed up wearing an Argyle sweater. He enjoyed his sandwich.

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