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Let me be the first to say, "welcome back," we missed you. I should be writing a syndicated column. Someone, pay me!


Well, I'm certainly glad that Christopher is still making exaggerated comments, not to mention that I'm glad you're still around. None of us should be forgetting that there's a world outside the 'net.

I figure that, if I do a hundred posts a year, I'm holding my average....


YAY--so I'm off the hook then? I know about life eating up the blog. I am blogging less, and living more, but it's not necessarily enjoyable. Why do I not have the physical or mental energy to blog when there really is so much going on?

Blue Opal

It's allliiiiiivvveee! Welcome back and for heaven's sake, stop in and write a little more often. At some point we'll all decide it's actually your zombie self writing but hey - whatever fills the blog withdrawals ;)


Good to see you drop in! It really sucks when all that 'life stuff' gets in the way of blogging, doesn't it?! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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