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I don't do squat most of the time. Loved your entry!


Oh, you're merely my twin when it comes to the juggling act. I've got it down pat, as long as you don't look at all the stuff kicked under chairs, beds, etc.


I make very exhaustive lists but I don't usually end up doing the chores on them. I don't have the energy.


We are pretty amazing, but not perfect. I have forgotten to bring in the milk, paid bills twice or not at all, and forgotten to pick kids up from places. Ouch.

Christopias Spritopher

none of us are perfect, we can only strive to be the kind of person that would 'do right' by our Creator and fellow humans and as I say behind your back to any and everyone, there is no finer person than you


I do it all - about 50% of the time.....LOL


yes. i do feel better now!

Summer Gale

It's taken me almost three years but when it comes to my house I might finally have it all done .. errrr .. except for the cellar .. OK I guess I don't do it all either .. haha!

Christopias Spritopher

I don't know how she does it - but I know she doesn't post. :'-(

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