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I love your resolutions for other people, but you didn't give one to The Donald. He also needs to shut up; he's very mean-spirited lately.


You have our nice, mild weather-GIVE IT BACK! We are getting hammered with one thing after another. If it's not rain, it's snow, or ice or windstorms. I've had enough. Your resolutions for celebrities are pretty accurate. I have always wondered how Lindsey L. has a drinking problem and goes clubbing all the time when she is not yet 21. Do they serve her liquor? I don't get it.


Isn't global warming fun? A great idea would be to buy land cheap in the artic because soon it will be expensive beach front property.


todays "celebiteies" need t go si down somewhere!! they have no talent anyway. if we act collectively and stop pandering to them, maybe then they will go away.

Bozoette Mary

I love those resolutions!


You definitely nailed the celebritney - I mean, celebrity - resolutions. I haven't made a New Year's Resolution in longer than I can remember. I prefer to look at each new year as a potential adventure, ready to unfold!


Love the resolutions it's so much more fun the come up with them for this bunch of so called "celebs"


Great resolutions. Hope a few of them heed your advice. :) Happy New Year!
Liz (formerly breathtaken1 and joiedv at diaryland)


mmmm, Legolas :-)

Christopias Spritopher

Those resolutions are almost as good as my own, as for the impending Ice Age, I tell you what, it looks good in the movies and apparently only the attractive people live. I won't be around but the rest of you won't have to suffer.


Great list !
Also Britney find a new stylist, puh-lease !

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