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Lovely way you tied together all these random blue things.


Blue IS my favorite color, just NOT in toilets. I prefer the CLASSIC white with a matching bidet! I don't think I have EVER disposed of a toilet and especially NOT on my front lawn. WhEeeeEee!


this was the 1st time in the 48th year of my inhabiting of this particular planet that i have EVER seen a blue toilet!!! blue is my favourite colour too!! im not gonna let a BLUE TOILET mess that up!!


Blue is my favorite color, but not for toilets outside. We had a blue toilet in our old house, but replaced it with a white one eventually. I don't think we put it alongside the house either! I have a royal blue suit that is one of my favorites because I always get compliments when I wear it.


I love blue, but prefer a deeper sapphire hue. The blue commode doesn't qualify. I'm sure it's a lovely shade, just not my first choice ;)


My eyes are blue. I like them. I also like the song "Blue Bayou." And "Blue Christmas." And both my children's eyes. And smurfs. Gotta love them Smurfs. Blue is good.


Oh, and the toilet? I am a wiseguy. I would buy some pretty Mums, tip the toilet upright and put the Mums in the bowl and the tank. At least it would look better.

Christopias Spritopher

I am with Cosmic on this one, but neither of us live on pristine suburban islands. I will this time next week.


I like blue as much as anyone else, but I draw the line at a blue toilet.


Great post on the color Blue. Which is also my favorite color and Big Blue the best football team in the land.


What a... um... lovely... blue toilet? LOL, I don't think I've ever seen a blue toilet before, and what a great place for it, in the yard. Is that a new form of porta-potty?


I've been away for a while, so I am late getting here. I sure hope that toilet has been removed by now.


Suburban Island is my favorite diarist, much like blue is my favorite colour. Sadly, it makes _me_ blue that she's been absent this long, lonely time.


what a real adventure. I totally would have panicked. *smile*

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