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Christopias Spritopher

You chore for next Friday is to buy a shoe rack at IKEA, your chore for Saturday morning is to be build it, as loudly as possible before everyone else is awake to encourage said awakeness and helpfulness. A month or so of this and everyone will start pulling their own weight.


i can never understand why people need more than, ok, 2 pairs of shoes!! i dunno. sounds like you guys need to sit down and comprimise!! good luck!!


My daughter has more shoes than a centipede. I bought her a very attractive over the door shoe rack and it got all her shoes off the floor and saved space, too. I think I bought it at TARGET.


I vote for the over the door rack!

Christopias Spritopher

Suburban Island is a sophisticated adult, an over-the-door deal won't do; it's her home not her dorm. Also, an over-the-door rack will make no noise in assembly ruining the whole "the rest of you need to start helping mom" mojo she needs to start working. She's a mom, not a martyr. The need to put down the frappachino, get off the couch and help her.


I can't stand it when my husband thinks he knows what I ought to be doing. It makes me quite rebellious, and that is not a pretty sight.

Christopias Spritopher

Why are the people who are supposed to be in charge, rebelling? He's rebelling. That's the first problem: you're not in charge! Homework: Fix that!

Also, as a Graduate Student I decided to do research. I have left my shoes in no less that five places - two of them are not even in my own home. Maybe it would help if your split your shoes up and hid them throughout the home.

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