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Friday nights DEFINITELY have a new theme to them then when I was 20, 30 or even 40! SHEESH! At 50 I'm just happy to see another Friday. hehehehehe


I know exactly what you mean. It's hard to remember that I used to go out on Friday nights all the time when I was younger. It's incomprehensible to me now.


My Friday nights were spent dancing in my 30's. In my 40's they were spent on the computer playing games til 3:00am. Now at 53, Hubby will go to bed around 9:00 and ask if I am partying. If I say yes, it means one drink (maybe 2), playing pogo, and not going to bed until midnight. Woohoo! I am a wild woman! The good news is that in my 30's and 40's I would waste my weekend by sleeping in unti 10. Now I am wide awae by 7:00 and don't miss a bit of it. So there IS an upside.

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