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I've gone iPod. No more CD's for me.


That was pretty funny. Scary too, in that I have CDs everywhere and {Shhhh, don't tell anyone..} a few 33s stashed hereandthere too. Now if I could only find something to play them on and a thing to record them. Humpf. Glad you found a solution. I am crossing fingers.


But can you add extra sheets in the book, to keep things alphabetized? Having to bump the CDs every time I bought a new one would drive me insane!


Excellent idea! I'm like you, I like to keep the CDs in their original pristine cases, but that takes up so much room. And it's hard to keep them alphabetized that way.

More and more I'm just downloading CDs on iTunes, though, since I mostly listen to them via the FM transmitter in my car...


I have lots of trouble getting rid of the original packaging. I have a ways to go...


Until very recently I was the same way: keep those puppies in their original cases. Now, I have them all in a case like the one you showed. The cover art and back liner I have in a shoe box. Those are alphabetized, the CD's are not as I trade the cd's faster then I can keep them alphabetized. I use a great website for music: $1.00 a cd. It's a great way to purge my older stuff (and hell newer stuff too, since I put it all into iTunes anyway) and get new stuff.

Here via Michele.


Being a rabit music collector, I can sympathize.

I put all my CD's in 4 shallow plastic tubs (I love The Container Store) that stay under the bed. So far, it's working. :)

I enjoyed your writing, so had to read more.


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