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My ex was the same way. It's getting done, so no complaingin allowed. Have a great week :)


Hubby used to subscribe to the Dire Preditions phylosophy. Now, when asked when I am going to do something, I answer with "As soon as you......" He gave up his subscription.

Christopias Spritopher

There is an easy solution to this dilema. Put things on the couch, not the table. No one can bask in their crapulence when they have no couch. They have to clean it to use it. You've inspired me off my duff and into today's cleaning.


The tidy battle can never be won! I have many of the same issues. I am a big fan of baskets at strategic spots, like a counter top or a bathroom--you can throw all sorts of crap in it, but it still looks decent. (because it's contained!)

Best Friend

Hey from Atlanta. I love your lazy susan! Your children have good taste and know you quite well!


Well, I have been blessed by a man who cleans better than *I* do. Occasionally it is annoying, but you know what? It's worth every bit of it. You can remind your hubby that you can always find a guy who's a neat freak ;)


I would love to get a handle on my chaos, too, but I'm never home long enough. :(

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