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What a very eccentric thing for anyone to do. I would be in utter shock.


My neighbors steal my roses all the time. It really pisses me off. The rose bush is just 3 feet in front of my livingroom window. For some unexplained reason the neighbors think the rose bush is common property or something. The SAME neighbors who caught my patio furniture on fire by a thrown lit cigarette. CRAZY! I guess they need the roses more than I do?


I'm so glad you floated the poor things in bowls -- while she was still there to see it. And my comment would have been, "That's strange, my grandmother always told me not to touch the roses while they were still blooming." What colossal nerve!


OMG~i would of been mad as heck too-i have a orange tree in my front yard and a couple of years ago someone took all my oranges off the tree-i was livid!! your roses were beautiful and i hate it when i get woken up for stupid things too on weekends!!


HOLY COW! She's lucky you didn't deadhead her!


I would have killed her.


That's really inexcusable. It is arrogance incarnate, disrespectful in the extreme and bordering on theft, since she essentially robbed you of the sight of roses when you view your yard. I'm sorry that anyone would think themselves entitled to that kind of affrontery.

mz. em

It just amazes me at the liberties some people take.


I do seem to remember having read that fully bloomed roses should be removed because they sap the growth from the rest of the plant and prevent sunlight from reaching the roots, but that doesn't excuse her behavior. I don't know if she needs manners lessons or treatment for OCD.


Just found you via your banner. What beautiful roses!! And what an old bag - shocking! I also live in less than perfect order with a collection of offspring and a prophet of doom style partner, so I'm going to add you to my favourites. Wishing you well xx


Oh, man !

Deadheading is not for the faint of heart( my mother started screaming once when we trimmed the bushes once)...also the intact roses ...should be harvested with the stem in my book.
What beauties !

Do they have a scent ?
Not all do.
Ours do.
Each one is different yet heavenly with suble differences.

What a day!

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